Why prototype?

Prototyping is instrumental along the product development path. It provides the opportunity to interact with the product long before tooling to ensure an optimal user experience and well-executed design detail. Examining preliminary design detail allows weaknesses to be identified which increases project efficiency and helps deliver a better end product

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Local and overseas prototyping

In addition to in-house 3D Printing,  for 20 years we’ve been partnered with a prototyper in Asia with a strong mechanical engineering background.  This partnership allows us to bring designs from concept to a high precision prototype in as little as two weeks. Fast, quality prototyping ensures we can keep you ahead of your product launch schedule and gives you the opportunity to show samples and put marketing material together long before kicking off tooling.

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Have an existing design that you’d like to prototype? No problem. Looking for a new design? Put our Product Design team to work!

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