Ron Tsang

An Emmy award-winning designer, entrepreneur, lecturer and public speaker, Ron has 30+ years of experience in industrial design, manufacturing, marketing and computer animation design. His eclectic background and strong ties in the global manufacturing network inspires and delivers Shape’s broad and diverse range of successfully marketed products to satisfied customers. He is a true believer in “form follows function” and looks no further than his massive soccer shoes collection for material & fabrication inspiration, all colors wild and textures extraordinaire.

U.S – China Tariffs Explained

No matter which outlets you subscribe to, your newsfeed is undoubtedly filled with talk of the increasing economic tensions between the United States and China. Given that this is a resource for entrepreneurs and I’m not here to debate who the long-term economic winners and losers or predict the impact on international trade as a whole. The purpose of the post is simply to review what has been said, what has been put in motion and help you identify if there will be any immediate impacts on your business.

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