David Riley

Suffice it to say, David has clocked enough hours over the years in the design business to know what it takes for clients to pursue their market share. With a background in Industrial Design, David keeps his pulse tight on market trends ensuring our innovative products fly off the shelves. Downtime for Dave is best served with a plate of slow-cooked BBQ and enjoying a little R&R at his family cottage in Mont Tremblant.

Packaging Design Example

10 Key Tips for Effective Packaging Design

So, you have your game-changing product all dialled-in and ready to sell.... Now what? Just throw it in a box and you’re good to go right? Well.... No, not exactly. Maybe it’s best to step back and ask yourself a few critical questions first to see if you can up your game a bit further and convert a few more sales. Have you considered some of the factors that will affect your packaging decisions? Let’s take a look at a few critical factors that will ultimately affect your product packaging design

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U.S – China Tariffs Explained

No matter which outlets you subscribe to, your newsfeed is undoubtedly filled with talk of the increasing economic tensions between the United States and China. Given that this is a resource for entrepreneurs and I’m not here to debate who the long-term economic winners and losers or predict the impact on international trade as a whole. The purpose of the post is simply to review what has been said, what has been put in motion and help you identify if there will be any immediate impacts on your business.

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