The Shape Story.

Like many Canadian companies, we kicked things off in a basement, fueled by midnight oil and Tim Horton’s coffee. We started out by designing products and packaging for local Toronto firms and as word of our work spread, our client base began to expand internationally. With roots in Asia and an understanding of the local culture, we quickly honed our ability to communicate with factories and became a strong asset in production. Within a matter of years, we were partnering with our clients and handling the design of product, packaging, and display while managing factory relationships. We’ve gone from supporting local companies to working with brands from all over the world, helping them develop everything from coffee makers to state of the art typing technologies.

Our Mission.

A key part to our success has always been that we own development process from beginning to end and understand the relationship between industrial design and manufacturing.  We’re passionate about designing solutions for our clients’ challenges and it remains at the core of what we do today

We are problem solvers.

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Meet the Team

Shape Products’ Toronto based product design studio has over 20 years of experience bringing brand-building products to market. Our team of talented industrial and graphic designers delivers new products, packaging, brands, and experiences that translate into huge successes for our clients regardless of category or industry.