Tap Wearable Keyboard & Mouse

The Tap wearable keyboard is a game-changing wearable device that turns any surface into a touch-keyboard.  Tap translates finger taps into alphanumeric input, enabling you to type without a physical keyboard. This opens up exciting possibilities for applications like VR, AR, and for the visually impaired.  We were thrilled by the challenge of designing Tap’s wearable keyboard and mouse and strived to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and beauty so people can adopt the technology easily and begin to use it in their daily lives.  Check out the CNET coverage.


CATEGORY: Wearable Electronics

WORK: Product + Manufacturing + Art Direction

From concept sketching to hands-on model making, we went through a countless number of prototype designs and material choices from soft foam to silicone. Guided by methodical research into hand ergonomics and finger size data pools, we arrived at a final product design that is comfortable, understated, and adequately vigorous for everyday use.

The low-profile TPU rings are weaved together via a braided sheath to protect the internal Flex conduit.  We developed a clever mechanism using printed silicone to make the rings size-adjustable to comfort-fit different hand sizes.  All electronic hardware is condensed inside the compact thumb ring enclosure which also contains a laser mouse that uses finger-taps to replace mouse-clicks.

The integrated laser mouse switches from tap mode to mouse mode by simply resting your palm on the table surface.  To ensure the most accurate tracking, we’ve added an intuitive gliding pad that automatically aligns the mouse to any flat surface. This compact assembly also contains the Bluetooth, haptic feedback, and contact charging through the dedicated charging case.

We designed a sleek charging case to keep the product protected and fully charged using contact charging. The case extends the product battery life by 8 times - powering the product for over a week without recharging the case. Rare-earth magnets are embedded inside the case to keep the product secure and prominently displayed through the transparent shield.