Starbucks Ring Packaging

Duracell Powermat is a developer of a new wireless charging technology that allows you to charge devices without the use of messy cables. They came to us to design packaging for one of their newest products, aimed at making device charging easy and convenient for Starbucks customers. The plan was for Starbucks to build wireless charging spots into table surfaces in their popular coffee shops, so patrons could conveniently charge their smartphone or other devices wirelessly while enjoying their drink of choice. The Ring is a charging adapter for those users without a compatible Duracell Powermat charging case on their device, allowing wireless charging simply by plugging it into the Lightning connector (Apple users) or micro-USB (Android users) port of their device.

We were tasked with designing informative and cost effective product packaging for the Duracell Powermat Ring so that it could be retailed in Starbucks locations. We developed multiple concepts, but in the end decided the product needed to be visible in the packaging for users to easily see which connector style Ring they were purchasing to avoid mistakes. Starbucks started a national rollout of the integrated wireless charging in June of 2014.

CLIENT: myCharge

CATEGORY: Consumer Electronics

WORK: Packaging