Starbucks Coaster Charger

In China,  young consumers have been favouring Starbucks as a choice location to meet and be seen but the lack of available plugs to charge electronic devices is a frustrating experience. As part of a line of charging products pitched to Starbucks China, Shape designed the “Coaster Charger” which is aimed to solve this aggravating problem. A perfect harmony of form and function, this waterproof/spill-proof portable charger is doubled as a coaster. It also protects its electronic components from heat with a rubberized enclosure. Now, these young Starbucks patrons can chat, snap selfies, surf online, listen to their favourite music, all without having to worry about running out of power. The Coaster Charger is also equipped with an aluminum carabiner, conveniently allowing users to charge devices on the go.

CLIENT: myCharge

CATEGORY: Consumer Electronics

WORK: Product Design