Fruition Infusion Bottle

Bombarded by an oversaturated market, Thermor approached Shape Products to develop Fruition, a new breakthrough product to spice up boring bottles of water. Market analysis revealed an ever-popular trend of infusing real fruits to juice up water to create healthy, natural, flavorful drinks. We studied the competition and looked for ways to overcome their bottles’ shortcomings. The challenge was the long wait for flavours to infuse into the water. After a creative reorganization of the components, we installed the infusion chamber at the bottom of the bottle. Instantaneously, with a simple push of a food-safe silicone membrane, the user can have sure control of the amount of flavour being infused. All of these clever components were then encased in a BPA-free Tritan body for the ultimate, flavor-infusion experience.

CLIENT: Thermor

CATEGORY: Kitchen Goods

WORK: Product + Engineering